Chameleon Pens - Nib Replacement Tweezers

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  • Chameleon Pens - Nib Replacement Tweezers


Product Description

 Chameleon Tweezers are the ideal tool for removing nibs to either replace nibs or refill your pens. The Chameleon Tweezers have a unique ergonomic design that means not only are the comfortable to grip but they are work perfectly whether removing your Chameleon Pen nibs or your mixing chamber nibs.

  • To remove nib gently grab the base of the nib where it meets the pen.
  • Once the curved tip is in place firmly squeeze the Tweezer and gently pull to remove the nib.

* Note* : For refilling- To prevent any damage to the brush nib remove the bullet end of the nib to refill.

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