5 minutes card N ° 2: "Colibrì"

5 minutes card N ° 2: "Colibrì"

Following yesterday’s push, I leave you a quick idea to prepare another card! ;)

For today's card simply take any picture that you already have colored at some point in your life and that sleeps around in some drawer ... 

In my case I took one of my favorite cards from the coloring kit "Nature" by Chameleon Art Products , which had been completely colored using a single marker, the "Peony Pink" or PK4 ... 

Amazing what can be done with just one Chameleon, right?

You will also need a piece of any scrapbooking paper you have on hand (I chose one of the many that we have in the store, one more incredible than the other, from the DCWV brand ... my mouth is watering every time see them ;)

Cut out your image leaving a white border all around to make the image stand out better on the card.

Present it over your paper ...

Cut a strip of this paper and tear the edges to give it a rough effect :)

(tip: if you take the paper with your left hand and tear the edge with the right pulling towards you, you will create that white edge of the pulp of the paper that is so nice ...)

Stick the strip on a blank base card.

And then, cut the excess (so you do not have to measure things up ... this way it’s always perfect)

Add thick double sided tape on the back of the image ...

Put it on the card.

The pieces of paper that you ripped? ... DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! Paste them inside the card to decorate it with matching color ;)

It all comes down to CUTTING AND GLUING ... basic, beautiful, easy, but with all the love

Do not hesitate to leave us your comments and share with us your own version.


- Peony Pink PK4 Single Pen by Chameleon Art Products

- Card from NATURE collection by Chameleon Art Products

- Paper for scrapbooking by DCWV

Enjoy!, Carolina

8th Jun 2018 Carolina Ghelfi

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